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Wednesday - October 22, 1997

Maureen was absent today, again. It wasn't too bad this time, though. I was already prepared (in theory anyway) for all three classes. So when I didn't see Maureen first hour, I wasn't too worried.
    The classes themself were fairly standard. In Algebra II, I lectured on systems of equations. Apparently, they had covered that in Algebra I and it "came back" to a few of them. In any event, they all seemed to be doing the homework right. We'll see tomorrow.
    Speaking of tomorrow, I am going to give a quiz in Algebra II. It seems that Lois' Algebra II class is performing under-par and she wants to evaluate/punish them with this quiz. I don't think the quiz was that bad, so I'm going to give it my class. They should do okay on it.
    In both sections of Geometry, I just had them split up into groups and do their thing. There are a few students in each class that are just not getting it, though. Since this is the "easy" section, I'm wondering if we should slow down a little. I'm going to talk to Maureen about this tomorrow.
    I covered solving equations with variables on both sides of the equation in Algebra I. 4th hour caught on quickly and class zipped on by. I felt like strangling half of 5th hour. I don't know if it was the weather, some collective mood, or what... what I do know is that I had to spend much too much time keeping them relatively quiet. Even the normally "good" kids were talking. I think I'm going to have to change around the room, again...

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